Galerie New Orleans am Pfauen
“a painting speaks a language words do not express"
Gerald Domingue

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Otherworldly: Series II Otherworldly: Series II

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Zurich, Switzerland

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Galerie New Orleans am Pfauen
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"Otherworldly: Series II"

October 1, 2015 - December 31, 2016

Gerald Domingue

Recent paintings focus on artistic transformations
as metaphors for mutation, mystery and symbolism.

oil on Masonite, mixed media, inkjet on canvas.

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Otherworldly: Series II

Opening Hours:
By appointment
Monday through Friday, 14:00 to 18:00 hours
Telephone: 044 251 8044



Otherworldly: Series II

About the Artist

Gerald Domingue is an American; a seventh generation Louisianan of Spanish-Isleño – French-Acadian ancestry. His ancient maternal roots include Verena Hirzel as his 8th great-grandmother of the prominent Hirzel family of Zurich, dating back to the 1400s. He developed an interest in painting at age nine and nurtured this passion throughout his life. His works have been exhibited in New Orleans, New York City, Paris, Zurich; and also in Ferrara, Italy; Buffalo, New York; Vals and St. Gallen, Switzerland; Craponne (Lyon), France; and are in international private and corporate collections. He was educated in the medical sciences; served for thirty years as professor of basic medical and clinical sciences in Tulane University School of Medicine and Graduate School, New Orleans; retired from academe in 1997 and is professor emeritus of urology, medical microbiology, immunology at Tulane. Since retirement, he is a fulltime painter (New Orleans, Paris, Zurich). In 2005 he moved to Switzerland and is a permanent resident of Zurich where he presently lives and paints. See the website representing the paintings of Gerald Domingue:  www.dlareg-arts.com

Fiesta Mexicana

Butterfly of the Sea

Anna Birkenmeier, Zurich, Nov. 2010: New Orleans in the middle of Zurich

New Orleans, August 2005. We all remember pictures of the devastating Hurricane Katrina, which destroyed much of the city. Standing in front of the paintings by New Orleans artist Gerald Domingue, one gets a real feeling of the fury with which the storm must have raged through the city. Domingue has long admired Nature in all its power, explosive energy and passion. This is impressively reflected in his pictures: "With all its moods, Nature also exhibits beauty in a vast variety of forms. Again and again it surprises us, such as it did with this terrible storm." Before devoting himself entirely to painting in 1997, Gerald Domingue, now a resident of Zurich, was a medical scientist for 40 years and was a professor of urology, microbiology and immunology. These years also consistently influenced his artistic creativity: "In biological medicine one constantly finds fascinating pictures that offer an incredible potential for my painting. Here, too, I repeatedly find inspiration." Domingue's paintings reflect a sustained dynamism and movement: a flow of energy that seeks harmony through form and colours. The fact that Domingue's paintings survived Katrina intact is bordering on a miracle. "While many of my friends and relatives left the city, I stayed on with my paintings."

Domingue's works are alive – that is what makes them so unique. Each painting tells a story that primarily alludes to the link between science and painting and highlights Domingue's background as an intellectual artist and poet. His works attest to his talent, artistic skill and a powerful imagination. Most of his abstract works are in oil on masonite.

Now, Gerald Domingue and Swiss entrepreneur Ignaz Furger have opened a very special kind of gallery. "Gerald and I had already held several joint exhibitions: the first in Vals, where I converted my father's workshop to a gallery, then in Zurich, St. Gallen, New York, Paris, Lyon, Ferrara, Italy and New Orleans," explains Furger. Following his search last spring for an office in Zurich for his strategic consulting business, it quickly became clear that this should take the form of a joint project with Domingue. The result was the "New Orleans am Pfauen" gallery, combined with an office, right next to the Kunsthaus. New Orleans stands firstly for Domingue's place of origin. Secondly, it also stands for the versatility, contrasts and internationality of the metropolis in the US state of Louisiana. "New Orleans has been called the soul of America: a city with an international cultural identity, and a melting pot of talents from all over the world," explains Domingue. In future the gallery plans not only to exhibit Domingue's works but also to hold vernissages of different artists' works every two to three months. "Always associated in some way with New Orleans," explain Furger and Domingue. It may be artists from the southern US states or paintings with a link to New Orleans. Both are also keen on the idea of a "New Orleans meets Zurich" theme, which they could well imagine as a way of promoting even young Swiss artists. The aim is not to attract as much passing trade as possible. This would be difficult because the gallery is well hidden, tucked away in an office block. Apart from the vernissages, the exhibition can only be visited by appointment. "Initially we are deliberately targeting people from our circle of friends and acquaintances who are interested in art," explains Furger. However, in time an increasingly large public will be introduced to art from New Orleans. "With the gallery I want not least to express my admiration for Switzerland, its people and its wonderful natural landscapes, which are a source of daily inspiration for me," says Domingue. However, for strategy consultant Furger there is another key aspect. "I want to work in an inspirational, stimulating environment and create a symbiotic link between strategy and art."

Mardi Gras on Parade


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